Lucas Group Recruiter Deborah Manning

Deborah Manning

Senior Partner

Practice: Human Resources
Location: Houston, TX

Technical skills are important. But deep experience and intelligent intuition can distinguish an expert in a field. Deborah Manning’s 25+ years of experience working in corporate Human Resources (HR) and SPHR Certification provide the knowledge and insight necessary to benefit her clients and candidates.

But HR experience alone is no substitute for the extensive research Deborah performs for every search. She conducts extensive, personable interviews with each client, carefully noting the technical necessities, desirable intangibles, strategic goals, and office culture. In the process, Deborah provides her clients with objective data and professional counsel to ensure that they understand the market and establishes clear and reliable objectives for the entire process.

She takes the same thorough approach with candidates, rarely targeting people who aren’t already successful. These passive candidates are not easily located. But her deep HR knowledge and robust network provide her with several avenues to find highly qualified candidates. Deborah then quickly selects the two or three most compelling and passionate aspirants for interviews: no resume forwarding; no inclusion of candidates who don’t exceed expectations.

Her clients ultimately hire the candidate who best embodies the intangibles necessary to excel—from strong communication and analytical skills to leadership panache. And Deborah remains a strong partner throughout contract negotiations and long past the actual hire. Follow-up and ongoing communication with both the client and the hired candidate underscore Deborah’s added value and further enhance her extensive network. From beginning to end, it’s a highly principled and thorough approach to hiring transcendent talent.

Based in Houston, Deborah works with a diverse client base including oil and gas, health care, manufacturing, and education. She’s sees HR evolving into a more strategic business partner, especially in larger companies, helping senior leadership achieve financial and strategic goals. Additionally, companies are looking for candidates who have advanced degrees and international experience or are willing to move internationally.

When she’s not recruiting, Deborah enjoys her own international travel. She and her husband of 30 years enjoy the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Mexico. When home, they spend time with their daughters and work on craft and home improvement projects.

Deborah is capable of improving your company or career. Consider adding her HR experience to your HR efforts.

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