Lucas Group Recruiter John Lutkenhouse

John Lutkenhouse

Executive Senior Partner

Practice: Military Transition
Location: Irvine, CA

As a former Artillery Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, John knows that it can be challenging to transition from a military career to a business career. With a political science degree from UCLA and a commission in the USMC, John enjoyed a smooth transition from the military. But he knows that’s not true for all veterans and John wants to ensure that every military veteran he works with receives careful attention and candid counsel as they follow the same path he walked.

His passion for his candidates, attentive customer service, and more than 15 years of business experience make John a highly consultative and effective military recruiter. His four years as a warehouse manager and almost 12 with Lucas Group help John counsel his candidates about translating military service into business applications. It’s a challenge that every returning veteran faces and John invests considerable time, energy, and experience to help his candidates prepare strong resumes and deliver excellent interviews. He asks questions, helps them establish appropriate priorities, and only delivers opportunities that match their realistic aspirations.

He knows that his candidates have the necessary experience to find a job in business. But he also knows what it takes to transform military speak into business speak and to possess an intelligent perspective availability, salary, location, and a host of other variables. Few can help candidates do it better.

Despite current economic uncertainty, John understands the value of strong technical skills. He also appreciates the reputational excellence of technical skills gained in the military. More importantly, John knows first-hand the many intangibles military service ingrain into its service men and women: leadership, work ethic, personal responsibility, and an undying devotion to teamwork and success.

He can help translate the technical and intangible into a career because he’s been there. And he continues to translate on a daily basis.

When he’s not working passionately for his candidates, John loves reading about world and military history, devouring non-fiction about both topics. He enjoys traveling and playing the guitar; a little classic rock and acoustic with friends.

John Lutkenhouse is a recruiting partner you can trust to help you make the transition. Get in touch with him, and your journey to the business world will be a much easier and more prosperous road. He knows the way.

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