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Accounting jobs in Tampa, Florida and across the South are witnessing a welcome recovery, as businesses begin to emerge from the economic downturn of the past several years and look forward to coming growth. Companies of all sizes, and across all industries, need qualified, skilled accounting professionals to help run their books and manage their financial affairs.

A leader in Tamp accounting recruiting, Lucas Group helps experienced and talented professionals find and land the accounting jobs in Tampa FL that not only provide outstanding job opportunities, but long-term career success. From tax and audit to M&A and treasury, our recognized insight and breadth enables Lucas Group to reliably know precisely where the top Tampa accounting jobs are and how to help our candidates secure them.

Tampa Accounting recruiting that produces hiring results

Lucas Group Accounting recruiters are the recognized experts at finding and filling outstanding Tampa accounting jobs with experienced, qualified professionals. With more than 40 years of executive recruiting experience and a highly-qualified team of recruiters, our Tamp accounting recruiting team can knowledgeably fill your accounting jobs in Tampa, Florida – or anywhere in the South – and help you build the teams who deliver lasting results.

Our success is measured by yours. Lucas Group Tampa recruiting experts demonstrate an intimate understanding of the accounting profession and maintain strategic relationships with industry leaders across the market. The quality of the people we hire is a notable differentiator, and our culture and methodologies drive superior business results for your Tampa accounting jobs.

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