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Lucas Group Is the Trusted Leader Among Temp Agencies In Baltimore

As the executive recruitment leader in Baltimore and nationwide, Lucas Group also offers professional Contract Staffing to fill key business roles on a short-term basis. Our specialized contract recruiters in Baltimore work together within the same offices to gain insightful perspectives for the mutual benefit of our clients and candidates. Our team is well networked with extensive local expertise, and our candidates comprise diverse networks of high-quality, degreed professionals. We are enhancing consultant careers with the market’s most rewarding contract jobs.

Contract Consultants: Let us serve as your personalized job search service

Lucas Group understands and respects your career as a professional consultant. We also know monitoring the market for temp work can be a full-time job itself. We propose that you let our contract recruiters perform this task on your behalf, so you can focus what you do best—helping companies grow through your expertise. As a Lucas Group Contract Consultant, you gain outstanding opportunities with leading Maryland companies. We ensure positions are well matched to your unique skillset and objectives, with companies that are a good cultural fit for you. Contact Lucas Group and take full ownership over your career.

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Baltimore Practice Areas

We fill contract positions in a variety of functional areas. Let our recruiters help you find your next temporary job in Baltimore today.

Baltimore Contract Jobs

Find your next role. Build your contract portfolio through high-quality, professional engagements where your skills, experiences and personal strengths are welcomed. New opportunities arise daily.

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Direct Hire Solutions

Our recruiting teams are experts across industries, markets and verticals. For mid-level to upper management roles, we deliver long-term staffing results. We are committed to direct hire solutions that fit your open permanent positions and career needs.

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