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Dallas Human Resources Jobs

Nationwide Human Resources jobs are on the rise. A major hub of that job activity resides in Texas—namely HR jobs in Dallas. Lucas Group understands that Human Resources executives must fill many roles within an organization: risk manager, culture coach, legal expert and personnel arbitrator, and companies seek professionals with the breadth and experience to wear any or all of these hats throughout their day.

Human Resources Career Path in Dallas

With access to outstanding jobs, Lucas Group can help you take the next step in advancing your career. We’re committed to helping our candidates fully realize their career ambitions, and we bring a knowledgeable, considerate approach to your job search. We are structured to provide you the expertise, communication, and consultative services that will open opportunities for your continued success. Everything we do reflects our deep understanding of the executive recruiting process, the HRM field, and the value of career progression.

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Dallas Contract Jobs

Find your next role. Build your contract portfolio through high-quality, professional engagements where your skills, experiences and personal strengths are welcomed. New opportunities arise daily.

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Direct Hire Solutions

Our recruiting teams are experts across industries, markets and verticals. For mid-level to upper management roles, we deliver long-term staffing results. We are committed to direct hire solutions that fit your open permanent positions and career needs.

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Dallas Military Transition

You developed valuable skills in the military. Apply those strengths and abilities in a rewarding job that creates real impact and supports your goals. Get personal, trusted guidance from our transition experts.

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