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Our New York human resources recruiting firm delivers top talent and fills great jobs. Fill out the form below to get started or call 800.466.4489 to talk to a recruiter now.

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New York Human Resources Recruiters

From hiring to compensation and benefits to compliance, Humans Resources is a vital element of the growth and long-term success of any company or firm. Lucas Group’s HR recruiters understand the critical links to your business success, and we are dedicated to helping you find, hire and retain the top talent who can deliver upon these needs–with knowledge, proficiency, speed and discretion.

New York’s Top Human Resources Talent

New York human resources jobs require an understanding not only of the HR field, but of the legal and cultural requirements related to doing business in New York…and around the globe. Our recruiting consultants consistently and reliably place talented professionals, helping to drive financial, operational and workforce success.

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Lucas Group recruiters source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. Hire with confidence. Let’s get started.

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New York Contract Solutions

Local and personal. Our Contract teams customize solutions to quickly solve your short-term, project, seasonal, or interim resource needs. Engage qualified mid-to-senior level professionals who bring can-do enthusiasm and efficiency to every role.

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Hire New York Military Talent

Proven results plus high-impact potential. The U.S. Military educates and trains capable, effective professionals who emerge as business’ top leaders. For 50 years, Lucas Group has been the trusted source for skilled military talent.

Military Talent Services