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Phoenix Accounting Recruiters

Lucas Group’s accounting recruiters consistently place qualified professionals in accounting jobs in an array of specialties, including tax, treasury, M&A, and audit. With nationwide offices, we have the experience, breadth and in-house research capabilities you need to find the perfect candidates for your accounting jobs in Phoenix and across the Western United States. We have a track record of placing successful people with the intellectual maturity to thrive in today’s fast-paced business world. We seek to deliver candidates who are skilled, business-savvy, knowledgeable accounting professionals.

Phoenix’s Top Accounting Talent

Lucas Group works with companies and firms of all sizes and industries to fill accounting jobs with experienced, transcendent professionals. We ensure that the candidates we present have the technical proficiencies required for each position, but we also spend considerable time and research to make certain they have the non-technical talents as well. Our Phoenix accounting recruiters look for strong interpersonal and consensus-building skills, as well as the ability to effect change and maintain positive relationships both in and out of an organization. Whatever your accounting needs, trust Lucas Group to find the right talent for your business.

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Delivering the talent your business needs.

Lucas Group recruiters source game-changing talent—qualified, proven professionals who will propel your business forward. Hire with confidence. Let’s get started.

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Phoenix Contract Solutions

Local and personal. Our Contract teams customize solutions to quickly solve your short-term, project, seasonal, or interim resource needs. Engage qualified mid-to-senior level professionals who bring can-do enthusiasm and efficiency to every role.

Contract Services

Direct Hire Solutions

Our recruiting teams are experts across industries, markets and verticals. For mid-level to upper management roles, we deliver long-term staffing results. We are committed to direct hire solutions that fit your needs for open permanent positions.

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Hire Phoenix Military Talent

Proven results plus high-impact potential. The U.S. Military educates and trains capable, effective professionals who emerge as business’ top leaders. For 50 years, Lucas Group has been the trusted source for skilled military talent.

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