Adam Crawford

Senior Executive Search Consultant - Direct Hire

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Human Resources



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The best executive recruiters find that building long-term relationships is key in establishing a thriving career in the industry. Adam Crawford has always enjoyed connecting with people and building relationships, regardless of the situation. As an executive recruiter, he uses this skill to form strong connections with his clients and candidates, yielding long-term, successful placements.

In 2019, Adam joined the Lucas Group team as a Senior Executive Search Consultant in the Human Resources practice. Relatable and outgoing, he pairs leading HR talent with a wide range of positions within mid-tier to Fortune 500 corporations throughout Atlanta. While he takes his position seriously, Adam’s conversations with clients and candidates are not always related to business, allowing them to open up to him and build rapport.

Adam began his recruiting career in 2015 as a School Therapist Recruiter. While there, and as his first position after college, he was challenged to retain 12 new clients in a six-month period. At the end of six months, he cultivated 15 new clients and also met his sales/recruiting goals immediately before leaving the company. Adam’s experience in recruiting as well as his determination and commitment to making strategic matches allow him to excel in his role at Lucas Group.

Away from the office, Adam enjoys playing kickball and softball as well as enjoying a good bourbon and "quality" TV shows. He holds a B.S. in Economics from Bowling Green State University where he played football.

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