Dan McCall

Branch Manager - Direct Hire

Practice Area:

Military Transition


B.S., Health Science Education - University of Florida



Phone Number:

(972) 201 - 1267

Email Address:


Experience can’t be taught and it can’t be given. It must be earned. Having served as a Battery Commander in the 82nd Airborne Division in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Dan McCall’s badge of experience has been earned through unrelenting commitment, personal understanding, and tireless efforts. Today he serves as a Managing Partner for Lucas Group’s Military Transition Division, providing knowledgeable and thoughtful career advisement and placement services to junior officers separating from the military and entering the civilian workforce.

Dan understands first-hand that U.S. junior and noncommissioned military officers command a cloth of experiences that weave an impressive pattern of skill, leadership, education, and career potential. His personal knowledge of and dedication to the military and its soldiers enables him to provide unmatched career results to every military candidate with whom he serves. In addition to working with JMOs, Dan delivers premier recruitment service to many veteran officers who have corporate backgrounds and are looking to make a step forward in their careers.

As Military Candidate Team Lead for Lucas Group, Dan is squarely focused on the unique needs and goals of his candidates. He is committed to truly listening and learning about what's important for their future. He thoughtfully considers each of his candidates individually, identifying the specific job opportunities that will lead to their continued success.

Dan and his team are experts at helping officers translate their military skills and leadership experiences into valuable, sought-after qualities in the corporate world. As Lucas Group’s Midwest Conference Coordinator, he organizes and delivers unmatched hiring opportunities to Lucas Group candidates, and his achievements are written in the stories of every JMO he has helped launch into a rewarding career.

A distance runner on his off-time, Dan enjoys looking forward, motivated by the civilian career prospects and business opportunities he knows are out there for today’s military officers. He believes that achievement is on every horizon, and his moving finish line is the placement of each military candidate into a career position that launches continued success.

Dan is a graduate of University of Florida, where he earned a B.S. in Health Science and continues to welcome every opportunity to cheer on the Gators.

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