Don Wylie

Managing Partner

Practice Area:

Accounting, Finance


B.A., Music Education - Midwestern State University



Phone Number:

(972) 201 - 1250

Email Address:

Don Wylie is as thorough at vetting information from clients and candidates as he is in making trip preparations to a base camp at the foot of Mt. Everest. Planning and precision are imperative to this veteran of more than 15 years in the business world and Don quickly moves beyond the basics of a job description or a resume to divine the essence of the job he is recruiting for and the people most capable of filling it.

Don is thorough in preparing for each assignment. He obtains as much information as possible, and prods clients and candidates to distill the most important variables and notable nuances. While technical skills are important, Don will occasionally suggest candidates that may not be precisely match the job description but who offer intangibles that have the potential to propel companies forward.

Don focuses a great deal of his attention on helping clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex find candidates in Finance, Accounting, Tax, Audit, and Treasury. As economic uncertainty abates, he sees an uptick in the demand for more senior A&F positions, with a particular focus on the accumulation and analysis of data. Demand is high for people who can see emerging trends and position their companies to take full advantage of them.

In his more than seven years recruiting for Lucas Group, he has developed a robust network of professionals in accounting and finance, the vast majority of whom are not actively seeking work. He helps his clients overcome the security of the status quo and consider the potential for hiring truly transcendent talent that can help an organization break new ground and realize new opportunities.

When not recruiting, Don enjoys the challenge and rewards of outdoor adventure. From river and sea kayaking to adventure treks in mountainous spaces, Don relishes adventure. Upon his return from adventure, Don gathers with friends to sample some of his hand-crafted home brews.

His preparation for the unexpected and the level of care he delivers distinguishes Don from his peers. It may be time to consider how Don can help you find the talent you need to thrive in an uncertain economy. He’s ready to take action whenever you are.

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