Emma Nwonkonko

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Practice Area:

Information Technology



Phone Number:

(972) 201-1276

Email Address:


Emma Nwokonko started at Lucas Group April of 2019 in the Information Technology Division with a background in the Accounting and Finance industry. She has mastered the Professional Scrum certification as well as learn 3.5 languages while living in four countries. Acquiring her PSM has helped her understand what the agile SDLC (Systems Development Life Circle) really entails. It has enabled her to align talent and construct a process that allows deliverables to be met on time and under budget for clients.

Emma stands out by taking the time to understand the long-term vision of her clients while also diving into the ins and outs of the organization to ensure she is providing results to reach the goal at hand. She also specializes in diversity and inclusion hiring by proactively and pointedly expanding her network in a world that includes as many points of views as possible.

Emmas’s intuitive, innovative and strategic work approach has led her to lead with this quote: “If you can build a trusting relationship with people so that they feel free at work, then they’re much more likely to do the best work of their lives. But you’re not getting it out of them”; you’re creating the conditions for them to bring it out of themselves.”

Emma is involved in Blacks in Technology, Umu Igbo Unite, a group dedicated to empowering rural communities in West Africa. Outside of work she enjoys reading. She also enjoys creating things out of “nothing”:  in random corners of her home, you’ll find completed projects which were items she repurposed to be something more useful.


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