Felicia Hoang

Executive Senior Partner – Direct Hire

Practice Area:



J.D., B.A. - South Texas College of Law, University of Houston



Phone Number:

(713) 470 - 5738

Insightful guidance is the best way to describe Executive Senior Partner, Felicia Hoang's approach to legal recruitment. Felicia opted out of attorney life in a firm to pursue her passion for matching other attorneys with top firms and companies in the Texas market. As a native Texan and seasoned attorney recruiter, she has her finger on the pulse of Houston, Dallas, and Austin, bringing clients the highest qualified candidates the region has to offer. She is a graduate of the University of Houston and the South Texas College of Law.

By offering her insights and market experience, Felicia strives to provide a niche service for both clients and candidates that remains rare in legal recruiting. "I work to understand a candidate’s true career goals and professional desires," Felicia explains. "I provide comprehensive consultation to my clients while supporting their hiring objectives. I think a strong candidate and client match is the foundation for success for all involved parties and it is my mission to pair the two together, while advising on market trends and steps towards success." Her skill at helping her candidates move forward in their careers by matching them with the right organization has resulted in hard-earned respect from top law firms and a diversified portfolio of companies across industries, including real estate, finance, manufacturing, oil & gas, and private equity.  

Felicia also feels confident in encouraging her candidates and clients to consider the unconventional, while offering optimal results. "By understanding the ever-changing legal market, I can often help my candidates and clients see the value in exploring options they might not have considered otherwise." Felicia concludes, “More than anything, I am an advocate for my candidates and clients. I propel their mission forward and through my due diligence, I help create confidence in their career or hiring decisions. That’s my role.”

Felicia strives to give nothing less than 100% to her work. Legal recruiting is her passion and pairing the right candidate with the proper organization provides a sense of accomplishment that inspires her every day. If insightful guidance, market knowledge, and deep industry experience is what you seek, Felicia Hoang is the recruiter to partner with you to accomplish that goal. 

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