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Executive Senior Partner - Direct Hire

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Military Transition


B.S., Industrial Management - Georgia Institute of Technology



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(404) 260 - 7187

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If Spears Latimore had his way, no U.S. manufacturer or any type of company would fill a key leadership position before meeting with select military-trained job candidates. Spears is one of few recruiters in North America possessing his credentials, insights and performance record in placing former and transitioning military personnel with leading U.S. companies. Plant managers, HR managers and other hiring managers who accept Spears’ invitation to hiring conferences seldom look any further for talent, and for good reasons. It is through Lucas Group Military Hiring Conferences where Spears’ clients find the most capable leaders their organizations will ever hire.

“The U.S. Military educates and trains the most effective and progressive workforce in the world. I have seen and experienced what these individuals do for companies, including my own,” said Spears. “Every day I see gifted military personnel transition into the corporate environment, produce powerful results and consistently rise to the top, because that is what they are trained to do. I help organizations find this rare talent, and when hiring managers meet these candidates at our conferences, they immediately see their next business unit leaders and future CEOs.”

Spears’ calling to military recruiting came not through enlistment but successful entrepreneurship. His most recent corporate venture, a large candy distribution company and exclusive bulk vendor for Cadbury Adams USA, is where he discovered the value of military-trained personnel. He ultimately took his company public, hired U.S. Military leaders for key roles, and successfully sold the company. Throughout his career as both an entrepreneur and recruiter, Spears has helped organizations develop highly successful management teams.

Spears joined Lucas Group in 2009 and his ascent has been quick and impacting. Without military background or recruiting experience, during his first year he was named Recruiter of the Year in Military Transition – an annual performance distinction he has earned multiple times. On average, he places 50 military leaders each year. Even during one of the nation’s worst economic recessions, his perseverance did not waver, resulting in three promotions in four years. With a national focus, Spears specializes in placing select Junior Military Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and degreed military engineers into roles suited to their unique skills and leadership traits, and with personalities that are great cultural fits for the companies they join.

“Frankly, I work with the finest group of talent in the world and the best U.S. companies, and I know that each candidate I place will have great impact because he or she is perfectly suited to lead, drive change and raise the bar in all facets of my client’s business,” said Spears. “In my own way, I believe I am helping to build our country’s future by placing these leaders into corporate America.”

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Spears holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology. While his professional commitment and dedication give his clients carte blanche access to his time on evenings and weekends, Spears takes every opportunity to enjoy golf, tennis, physical fitness, snowboarding and reading political books.

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