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When you join Lucas Group, you join a family of recruiting professionals committed to success – ours, theirs, and yours.

The Business of People

Professional Services is often described as an industry that provides services rather than goods. That certainly rings true for executive recruiting. We don’t make widgets, and we don’t sell widgets. We are in the business of ‘people’. And successful people are both the source and the result of our efforts. For our own company, we seek to hire the best – motivated professionals who believe in effort, performance, integrity, discretion, and each other.

We consultatively construct corporate matches between companies and professionals that solve current challenges, drive financial performance and achieve business goals. We recognize that hiring decisions impact people, families and careers. Everything we do reflects the importance of each placement, and we commit professionalism and honesty to each and every situation.

We strive to exceed – not just meet – expectations, and we foster a team culture that highly rewards both individual and group success.

See some of the key elements that set Lucas Group apart from other firms, and make us the home to the industry’s top recruiters.”

Career Path

Stop doing a “job” and start building your career. When you work hard and perform well, you deserve opportunities for career advancement. We take that belief seriously, so our team members work measureable, personal goals and enjoy a clear career path. Know where you’re going and experience measurable, actionable and structured growth opportunities with Lucas Group.

Professional Training

No one starts their sales career knowing exactly how to succeed. That’s OK. Our managers are industry experts and committed coaches, and we take pride in our in-depth, real-world training programs. At Lucas Group, you’ll learn the details of our industry, the complexities of our profession and the skills necessary to succeed.

Personal Development

Business is personal…and it should be. That’s why we’re committed to developing people – not corporate robots. At Lucas Group, you’ll be guided and supported by peers, managers and mentors. From professional training and continued education to the freedom and encouragement to pursue individual interests, personal development is a well-rounded investment in YOU. We have purposely designed mentoring programs that breed long-term, beneficial relationships and strive to help you learn and develop skills that help you succeed in life – not just the job tasks at hand.

Work-Life Fit

In order to perform your best inside the office, you need time and space to explore the things that bring you joy and satisfaction outside of work. Whether it’s coaching little league, training to hike Mt. Everest or tasting every culinary delight in your city, your passions are yours alone. Our goal is to empower you with the freedom and flexibility to pursue them. Experience an office environment and corporate policies that support life beyond the desk and managers and executive leaders who demonstrate a belief in balance, freedom and flexibility to achieve.

Recognition & Reward

When was the last time your CEO sent a handwritten note or picked up the phone to say “Great job”?

It’s not meant as a trick question. Your efforts and achievements warrant acknowledgement – by peers, managers and executive leadership. At Lucas Group, we celebrate accomplishments, recognize milestones and reward success. Be seen; be known; be recognized for your efforts and success through respected, publicized sales clubs (President’s, Platinum, Diamond Clubs, etc.) and receive trips, rewards and other great benefits – as direct results of your accomplishments.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

At Lucas Group, we get to be the CEOs of our own mini businesses. We’re motivated and energetic, and we’re tenacious when it comes to achieving results. Some say you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. We disagree. Enjoy the freedom to run your mini-biz… with the tools, organization and support of our proven firm.

Team Culture

At some companies, sales can be a tough balancing act between individual performance and team success. We work differently. Every strategy and every action plan is rooted in our core belief of the 3Cs – we are collaborative; we are collegial; and we are committed to our shared goals. Join a sales organization that is purposefully structured to promote individual performance and team success.

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