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When you join Lucas Group, you join a family of recruiting professionals committed to success – ours, theirs, and yours.

The Business of People

Professional Services is often described as an industry that provides services rather than goods. That certainly rings true for executive recruiting. We don’t make widgets, and we don’t sell widgets. We are in the business of ‘people’. And successful people are both the source and the result of our efforts. For our own company, we seek to hire the best – motivated professionals who believe in effort, performance, integrity, discretion, and each other.

We consultatively construct corporate matches between companies and professionals that solve current challenges, drive financial performance and achieve business goals. We recognize that hiring decisions impact people, families and careers. Everything we do reflects the importance of each placement, and we commit professionalism and honesty to each and every situation.

We strive to exceed – not just meet – expectations, and we foster a team culture that highly rewards both individual and group success.

See some of the key elements that set Lucas Group apart from other firms, and make us the home to the industry’s top recruiters.”


Recruiting at LG is not a job, it is a career. Your attitude & energy that drive you each day shift a job into a career. We work with you to enable growth in all aspects. Do you have the attitude & energy to #JOINLUCAS and unleash your potential?


At LG, our energy guides an environment of engagement as we strive to strengthen the communities we serve. We advocate for diversity and create equal opportunities for development. Our inclusive atmosphere and behaviors heighten our energy and make us stronger.

Your Brand

“It’s not personal, it’s business. “We disagree. Our business is personal, and your brand is our brand. We invest, advance and nurture your brand development. With LG by your side, our brands thrive together.


Tired of sitting in the passenger seat? Be the driver of your financial future. At LG, your earnings are limitless. The energy you bring to work each day will drive the dollars you bring home. Do you have the energy?


Life adapts, and so do we. Our team is built to be on the move and support all of the different and evolving ways that you work. If you commit to success, then the LG lifestyle bends and flexes to keep up with your changing needs.


“That LG Energy” powers our culture. We are committed to one shared goal for success. As
one team, your leaders, colleagues and support teams are here to collaborate so we can win together.

Recognition & Reward

LG energy is gold and we must foster it. Our recruiters’ achievements are recognized and rewarded as we celebrate with a shiny new Rolex, commemorative speech or catchin’ some rays under the sun. We appreciate all our recruiters do to reach their goals day in and day out.

Community Engagement

We utilize our energy to purposefully embrace our community. Time is valuable and what better way to spend it than engaging with our community in person, virtually, volunteering and beyond. Our team is not complete without the communities we work within.


Innovation fuels our future. We work together to focus your energy and move you forward. Through training initiatives and access to resources, we are always learning together and taking steps to better your career.

Tech Tools

Technology tools getting overwhelming these days? Yes they are, and we do not want energy wasted! We focus on delivering the right technology tools to each recruiter, so your day to day can be seamless.

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