Madison Berney

Always one to make deep connections with her clients and candidates, Madison Berney vividly remembers placing a staff accountant several years ago. The candidate was so elated over the position and raise that she cried over the phone. “If you’re not driven to help others, you shouldn’t be in this industry,” said Madison. That encounter sealed Madison’s career in recruiting and is a constant reminder of the impact she is able to make in others’ lives and careers.

Madison joined Lucas Group in 2018 as Managing Partner of Accounting & Finance for the Denver office. In her role, she leads a growing team of impeccable recruiters while also running a full desk. With a genuine desire to help her clients and candidates succeed, Madison uses her experience and industry knowledge to expertly pair leading accounting & finance talent with top employers throughout the Denver metro area. Being able to make a tangible impact and putting candidates into a dream job is Madison’s biggest motivator, and she believes it should be the driving force behind every successful recruiter. She enjoys having the opportunity to solve complex hiring programs for her clients and seeing the impact candidates can have on a business.

Madison began her career in the Executive Development program at Macy’s, where she was a Sales Manager for handbags, dress accessories, better sportswear and women’s club. She ended 2012 with approximately $900K net increase over 2011 sales and ended Q1 of 2013 trending 40%+ over 2012 sales. She was later approached by a recruiter in 2013 and joined Creative Financial Staffing in Houston. During her first year with the firm, Madison had $402K in billings and was Rookie of the Year out of 25-30 new recruiters. After moving to Denver with the company in April 2016, she transitioned to an inside sales role at Trustpilot, making upwards of 100 dials per day. Soon, Creative Financial Staffing approached her to return, and she worked for the Houston office remotely from Denver. Throughout her career, Madison has worked with companies ranging in size from $10 million to $35 billion and has consistently ranked in the top 10-20% of recruiters nationwide.

Originally from Oklahoma and very family-oriented, Madison often goes to Dallas to visit family. She also enjoys traveling and tries to visit one international country each year as well as challenges herself to read one book per month. Madison enjoys books that are puzzles—not knowing how the stories will unfold—much similar to her approach to recruiting. Madison holds a B.B.A. in Marketing from Texas A&M University.