Aaron Silbert

Managing Partner

Practice: Human Resources
Location: New York, NY

Aaron Silbert developed his zeal for recruiting in college. Involved with several organizations and causes, he enjoyed enlisting members and participants to join these groups and over time saw great growth in numbers. Interested in the recruiting aspect of building these organizations, Aaron tailored his education to groom him for a successful career in executive recruiting. With a BA in Communications and minor in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, Aaron began his recruiting profession in 2009 with RCM Health Care Services as an Account Executive and was later promoted to Senior Recruiter. With more than three years of healthcare recruiting experience, he eventually transitioned to Lucas Group in 2013 as an Executive Search Consultant in the Human Resources division where he focuses on HR candidates in the Northeast.

Aaron has learned that remaining calm in difficult and challenging situations is key to recruiting success. His patience and even-tempered demeanor allow him to put his clients and candidates at ease when anxiety can often get them best of them. Aaron also believes in honesty and transparency throughout the entire recruiting process. He strives to find the right fit for every position and is straightforward with his client and candidates, even if that means not closing a deal. By always having his clients’ and candidates’ best intentions in mind, he is able to gain their trust, develop strong relationships and help make successful, long-term placements for them.

Aaron’s dedication and productivity are evident in his personal life as well as his professional one. When away from the office, he enjoys staying in shape and hitting the gym for early morning workouts. He also enjoys exploring New York City, finding new restaurants and the hidden gems the city has to offer.