Crystal Chavis

Senior Partner

Practice: Accounting & Finance - Contract Solutions
Location: Las Vegas, NV

If you work with Crystal Chavis once, there’s a 75 percent chance that you’ll work with her again. That’s the percentage of her portfolio that represents repeat business and in executive recruiting, it’s an impressive percentage. Why such confidence and repeat business?

Crystal knows her craft exceedingly well. A business graduate from the University of Washington, she began her career in accounting and cash management before transitioning to Accounting and Finance (A&F) recruiting. As a result, she is candid, consultative, and deeply engaged. Unlike many in contract recruiting, she takes a longer-term approach to her candidates, working with them to maintain a steady stream of contract work or permanent placement in a career position. For Crystal, her candidate work goes far beyond a single placement to consistently find a robust pipeline of candidates challenging and rewarding work.

In placing her A&F candidates, Crystal assesses both their technical skill set and their cultural fit. It’s important to consider their personality style (introvert or extrovert?), management preferences (tightly scripted or freedom to create?), and personal needs (prefers contract work or permanent placement?) in determining who fits with whom.

Crystal maintains contact with many of her candidates even if they don’t yield an immediate placement. Over her 13 year career, she understands that that new opportunities are always imminent. By maintaining a strong communications pipeline, she ensures a robust portfolio of qualified candidates for each opportunity.

That is especially important in contract recruiting. Time is precious for clients seeking temporary resources. They have days, not weeks. Crystal and her Lucas Group colleagues consistently deliver highly qualified candidates—not just a stack of resumes—in an expeditious and reliable fashion.

When she’s not recruiting or placing candidates, Crystal enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter. From swimming and parks to traveling and cultural attractions, Crystal revels in watching her daughter evolve with each passing day.

Crystal’s deep understanding of the A&F industry and her own accounting background make her an ideal partner in A&F contract recruiting. If you need contract talent fast or are looking for contract opportunities in the Las Vegas area, Crystal is an excellent partner. Once you work with her, chances are high that you’ll return time and again to continue a track record of success.