Marc Molvar

Senior Executive Search Consultant

Practice: Sales & Marketing
Location: Irvine, CA

An impeccable communicator and relationship-builder, Marc Molvar has always had a knack for pulling relevant information out of individuals in order to determine whether or not they would be a good fit for a position. A seasoned recruiter as well as an effective sales manager, Marc consistently makes long-term, successful placements that benefit both his clients and candidates.

Marc joined Lucas Group in 2016 as a Senior Executive Search Consultant in the Sales & Marketing practice group. He recruits for high-level sales and marketing positions throughout the entire U.S., meeting and exceeding the hiring needs of mid-tier to Fortune 500 corporations. In his recruiting practice, Marc utilizes his vast management experience to recruit from more of a strategic “management point of view.” Providing consultative advice and guidance to his clients and candidates, Marc is able to pinpoint the ideal professional for every position for which he recruits.

Marc’s extensive career history prior to Lucas Group includes 17 years in senior management at a nationwide resort company and 15 years in the recruiting industry. During his 17 years managing the second largest division at 1st Nationwide Resorts, Marc hired, managed and mentored 50+ employees. He was also named the company-wide Manager of the Year in 1984. Wanting to capitalize on his sales and communications skills, he transitioned to recruiting in 2005 and quickly made his mark in the industry, placing more than 180 candidates with a single company during his two-year tenure with the organization. He then broke off and was a self-employed recruiter for nine years. Throughout his recruiting career, Marc has placed individuals in a wide array of positions ranging from Aerospace to Territory Sales Representative—his recruiting abilities have no limit.