Olga Sattler

Senior Partner

Practice: Information Technology
Location: Las Vegas, NV

IT is a world in which the demand for talent is high and the supply is short. It’s a demanding task which Olga Sattler relishes and considers anything less than perfection unacceptable. With a focus on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Big Data, Olga consistently finds the most outstanding candidates available for her clients. She’s able to consistently deliver in a challenging market because she takes no shortcuts and always places quality before quantity.

Her approach means that her clients receive recommendations for one or two carefully screened candidates, in sharp contrast to some recruiters who deliver an inbox full of resumes. Her precision and persistence means that Olga is far more than a vendor. She is a recruiting partner for companies seeking transcendent talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

A graduate of the University of Science in Cracow, Poland, Olga has recruited in the IT industry on two continents and loves the opportunity to place tech and business savvy professionals in challenging jobs. She regularly attends business intelligence and Big Data conferences, staying current on industry trends and networking with the people who stage and attend them. Her extensive insight allows Olga to quickly identify the best talent available for any position and persuade them to consider new opportunities.

The potential candidates in her network and the talent she pursues are rarely searching for work. They’re already engaged in important jobs and earning an excellent return in the process. But Olga does her homework and approaches top prospects with intriguing opportunities and a wealth of information. By remaining current with people and companies leading these IT areas, Olga is able to consistently deliver the talent vital to their success.

As focused and persistent as she is in her work, she is spontaneous and impetuous in her personal life. She loves traveling with her husband, from South America to Egypt and from the Caribbean to Eastern Europe. No two trips are alike and the people she encounters, the culture she experiences, and the visuals she remembers are priceless benefits.

At a time when talent seems limited, Olga is able to open doors for top candidates and find people for top positions. She knows her industry and the people who make it tick. If you’d like to leverage her skills for the benefit of your company or your career, get in touch with Olga. It is a contact that could deliver premium dividends.