Shirley Ray

Senior Partner

Practice: Human Resources
Location: Tampa, FL

The adrenaline rush that Shirley Ray experiences when riding her motorcycle can only be compared to the satisfaction she feels when she matches transcendent talent with exceptional companies. It is that feeling of accomplishment and shared success that Shirley genuinely enjoys with each and every placement.

In today’s world, business must continuously shift and evolve in order to navigate through market changes, technology advancements and new legislation. To manage those changes, operate efficiently and build revenue, all companies need top-quality Human Resources professionals, Shirley Ray understands that. A Senior Partner in Lucas Group’s HR division, her industry knowledge enables her to provide unparalleled consultative guidance to her clients and candidates throughout the search process.

With over 20 years of talent acquisition experience, Shirley has nurtured a multitude of business relationships within the Tampa Bay area and throughout Central Florida. The developing region has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with many companies housing regional offices and headquarters in the area. Shirley has been an integral part of that development and she is proud of the deep and notable network she has built.

Prior to joining Lucas Group in 2009, Shirley’s experiences ranged from training and recruiting sales teams to founding her own specialized staffing firm. Her extensive company staffing and recruiting experience provides her a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities companies face when searching for outstanding Human Resources talent. It is that first-hand knowledge that motivates her to work tirelessly in her efforts to positively impact companies and individuals. With a thoughtful, personalized approach, Shirley’s clients and candidates often describe her as a “different” type of recruiter who will stop, listen and provide a focused strategy.

When she is not looking to match great companies with outstanding HR candidates, Shirley enjoys spending time with her family, reading and of course, time spent cruising down the Florida coast.