Careers for Veterans Are a Driving Force at Lucas Group

The civilian job market can be a complex arena for former military professionals and those in transition. The reasons are understandable but in our opinion, too common. That is changing. Vets are in high demand in business today. You were trained and educated by the U.S. Military, the world’s best training ground. Companies are eager to hire talent with the traits you possess and that today’s workforce lacks. Your unmatched discipline, leadership and ethics are but a few of those traits. You have a strong competitive advantage. Let us help you utilize it in your career search.

Like many vets, you may question the best way to present yourself, your skills and your accomplishments to employers. You may also wonder what companies and jobs can benefit from your military background and experience. Which ones can lead you to a successful and highly rewarding career in the civilian workforce? Which veterans job fair will yield viable opportunities? Seeking answers from Lucas Group is a wise step on your journey.

Lucas Group is distinguished as a leader in military job placement

We specialize in building veterans’ careers and after more than 40 years in the field, we’re highly qualified to lead you to the nation’s top jobs. We are North America’s premier executive recruiting firm and the only firm founded on military transition and recruitment. Lucas Group works with a vast network of military-friendly hiring companies, including small, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies. Their staffing and leadership needs are fulfilled daily through our nationwide talent network of military professionals.

Many executives and hiring managers attribute their companies’ increased productivity, efficiency and profitability to the military employees they hire through Lucas Group. These include more than 25,000 non-commissioned officers (NCO), junior military officers (JMO), senior military officers (SMO) and highly skilled technicians. We also assist veterans with corporate experience to advance their careers in business.

Our Military Hiring Conferences are a proven gateway to hiring success

One method we use to introduce you to our clients is our Military Hiring Conferences, which are held throughout the country and year. These events are built to result in on-site hiring. We use a collaborative recruiting approach to assess your experience and goals, and match you with companies’ real-world needs. Our methods and conferences ensure your time and best interests, and those of our clients, are maximized in recruiting and at our conferences.

Contact Lucas Group today to find careers for vets with your exemplary background.