Connecting Professionals With Choice Accounting Consulting Jobs

If your career has led you to become a knowledgeable and trusted voice in the world of accounting, you will be happy to know that consulting positions are plentiful for talented professionals like you at companies across the United States. These interim or event-driven jobs offer you the freedom to lend your expertise, skills and guidance in new ways. Contract services in turn give companies access to your thoughtfully researched advice and solutions without increasing head count and overhead.

Lucas Group is a market leader in creating these win-win scenarios between high-level accounting professionals and hiring companies. If you’re looking for timely access to market demand, Lucas Group has a broad North American network of mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies that hire consulting experts on a regular basis. To ensure successful relationships and outcomes, we take a consultative approach to our recruiting practice, aligning your goals to our clients’ needs to make the most suitable matches.

Choose accounting consultant jobs that align with your expertise

Lucas Group’s expert recruiters arrange contract services for a wide range of client accounting needs, including financial analysis, reporting, auditing, adapting to industry changes, meeting regulatory compliance, finding more efficient ways to fiscally manage data, mergers and acquisitions, financial system upgrades and many other initiatives.

To help you attract ideal opportunities, our recruiters employ the same proven methods that are used to recruit and place professionals in permanent positions. Companies using our contract services demand high caliber consultants, and our recruiting and vetting processes perfected for more than 40 years ensure you are positioned to excel using your unique skills, knowledge and leadership abilities.

A job may be short-term but our commitment is for the long haul

Lucas Group is known nationwide for establishing and maintaining strong relationships with consulting candidates and clients. After we place you in a job, we continue marketing your expertise to prospective companies to keep you engaged in the workforce according to your professional and financial goals. Lucas Group also offers guidance on continuing education to accounting professionals who want to increase their skills, marketability, income and value to our clients.

Contact Lucas Group so we can get started on lining you up for the most in-demand consulting opportunities.