Considering Aviation Law Jobs ?

Aviation law is a niche that covers all aspects of the airline, and increasingly, the aerospace industry. While a niche, the variety of areas that aviation lawyers cover is remarkably wide. They may litigate on behalf of people and families involved in airplane crashes, negotiate contracts and compensation with employees in the airline industry, represent high-net individuals considering purchasing aircraft or aircraft-sharing leases, provide legal counsel to airplane manufacturers or lobby the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to change its regulations.

Aviation attorneys work in specialized practices within law firms, represent individuals and work for the FAA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) or similar regulatory bodies in other countries. While the industry has undergone contraction from major and regional airline mergers and acquisitions, the rise of private aircraft ownership and leasing, a surge in drone technology and the global increase in airline travel make aviation law an attractive career option with a strong future. Whatever aspect most interests you, Lucas Group can help.

What do I need to know to find aviation attorney jobs?

Lawyers working in aviation law possess a wide variety of skills, including negotiation, purchase arrangements, ownership structure, litigation, bankruptcy, tax counsel, employment, environmental issues and finance. They must have strong project management skills, exercise sound judgment in their work for clients or regulatory bodies, and stay continuously aware of changes in laws and regulations.

Lucas Group’s team of legal professionals can help you find and identify the opportunities that make the most sense for your future.

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With more than 40 years of experience, Lucas Group can help you navigate and negotiate the world of aviation law. Most of our attorney recruiters are former practicing attorneys themselves and their knowledge of the legal industry can help you find the best opportunities for the next step in your career. Whether it’s working for an airline, a law firm, an aerospace manufacturer or a government regulatory body, we can help find the best opportunity for you.

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