Finding the Best Bankruptcy Attorney Jobs

While an unpleasant subject, a bankruptcy attorney performs an important and valuable legal service in helping people, companies and even government bodies resolve persistent financial problems. Bankruptcy attorneys represent creditors or debtors, work for financial institutions, credit card companies, public interest groups, and government regulatory bodies, counseling them through a very stressful process.

Their work covers a broad range of business law, which is detailed and requires thorough research and careful accounting. They manage appraisals, asset lists, title searches, motion preparation, litigation and inter-party negotiations according to strict legal and judicial guidelines.

As the United States and global markets continue a slow economic recovery, bankruptcy continues to be a growing practice in the legal industry. Like the economy, however, bankruptcy work is cyclical. Whether you’re interested in working with creditors, debtors or the courts, Lucas Group can help you find promising opportunities in bankruptcy.

What skills are necessary for finding a bankruptcy attorney job?

Bankruptcy attorneys are skilled in both litigation and transactional law. They have excellent negotiation skills, manage complex workloads in a highly detailed fashion, understand financial nuances, have strong communications skills, and are capable of working on behalf of clients of all types under very trying circumstances. Detailed knowledge and excellent interpersonal skills are important to bankruptcy attorneys managing a diverse range of clients.

Lucas Group’s team of legal professionals can help you find a job opportunity that makes the most sense for your future.

Make Lucas Group your partner in your search for bankruptcy lawyer jobs

Most of our attorney recruiters are former practicing attorneys themselves. They understand the legal industry and bankruptcy law very well. Over the course of our more than 40-year history, we have placed attorneys like you into outstanding jobs. From major financial institutions and law firms of all sizes to non-profits and government agencies, there are many great opportunities and we look forward to finding the right one for you.

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