Connecting Legal Professionals With Top Contract Attorney Jobs

A significant and growing number of corporate legal departments engage contract attorneys for event-driven and ongoing needs, and they aren’t the only organizations that do. This trend is also increasing among law firms large and small, as well as government agencies, non-profit organizations and other entities. In the United States, contract attorneys are in demand on a regular basis and Lucas Group is in a unique position to help you find the best opportunities.

We have been a leader in the legal recruiting industry for more than 40 years, filling contract and retained attorney needs for leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the United States. This means we’re always deeply connected to the current job market, and always looking for professionals with your expertise, your availability and your preferred career path.

What types of contract law jobs can you find through Lucas Group?

Most of Lucas Group’s expert legal recruiters are former practicing attorneys, able to leverage their vast knowledge and our client network to uncover jobs offering the flexible scheduling and variety you choose, and that also make sense for your expertise. Our approach to recruiting is consultative, which means your career and goals are our priority. We provide short-term and long-term opportunities for professionals with specific skills and knowledge, as well as those wanting to expand their expertise through exposure to varying organizations and roles.

Through Lucas Group, you can find contract jobs that involve research, discovery, document review, legal document development, litigation, annual reports, technology upgrades, employee policies and procedures, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, filling a skills void in a private firm or a public agency, and much more.

What types of companies offer contract lawyer jobs?

Leading employers across the United States partner with Lucas Group because they need a ready source for legal talent to perform a wide range of functions. The positions they offer are not widely advertised, which is why working with Lucas Group is to your advantage. Our clients require strict adherence to their standards and procedures, and want professionals who can commit to their timelines, sometimes including especially tight deadlines.

Whether you’re looking for contract work in a specialized area in which you excel or are open to variety, Lucas Group is ready to line you up with opportunities that meet your needs.

Contact us today and let’s start working together on your successful career in contract law.