Connecting Professionals With the Best Immigration Attorney Jobs

Immigration law is a growing career choice for attorneys who are gifted in counseling people and companies through the complex immigration process. Many practitioners are adept at mediation with authorities when needs arise. Specialists are in demand at law firms and corporations to facilitate a wide range of functions and processes allowing people to legally enter a country to live and work. If this is your chosen field, Lucas Group is in a solid position to mentor you and advance your career.

As a leading executive recruiter for the North American legal community for more than 40 years, Lucas Group has a constant pulse on the best jobs for talented attorneys. Immigration law jobs become available throughout the year and we are always looking to bring candidates of your caliber into our nationwide network of legal professionals.

We’ll identify immigration lawyer jobs that align with your career goals

Making a career move is a life-changing decision. We want to help you make a wise one. Most of our expert legal recruiters are former practicing attorneys themselves. They know your field and job market, and take a unique, collaborative recruiting approach that prioritizes your goals.

Our first step is to work with you to assess your strengths, career objectives and requirements. Knowing what you want is important to our search and key to helping you land the right job. With this knowledge and understanding, we will identify ideal opportunities with leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, including law firms, whose requirements match yours.

Navigating the job market is easier with Lucas Group

You’re aware that immigration law has changed dramatically in recent years. We’re pleased to say that our proven tenets of recruiting have not. Lucas Group’s proprietary methods enable the successful placement of hundreds of attorneys every year, which is why our client base and legal talent network are among the nation’s largest.

Your opportunities are abundant through Lucas Group. Practitioners we place work with people and companies on visa applications, green cards, citizenship, naturalization, deportation issues, employment for non-citizens, refugee and asylum cases and more. Hiring clients value all types of competencies, from strong interpersonal skills to fluency in other languages and experience in working with the State Department and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Contact Lucas Group today and let’s take your successful legal career to the next level.