Connecting Legal Specialists With Rewarding M&A Attorney Jobs

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) attorneys play an indispensable role in the growth strategies and financial futures of our nation’s companies. Their legal and technical counsel enables companies to make critical decisions across a range of activities related to buying, selling and combining existing enterprises. As an accomplished practitioner with expertise or strong interest in this dynamic field, you owe it to your own future to choose a seasoned recruiter with the influence and resources to guide your career.


Lucas Group has been heavily connected within the North American legal community for more than 40 years. We assist law firms and corporations representing mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, including law firms, across the United States. Every day we recruit talent for diverse M&A lawyer jobs. Wherever your interests lie in this expansive field of law, we have access to the best opportunities. Our priority is to present those that make the most sense for your future.

Are you looking for M&A counsel jobs?

Lucas Group places practitioners in a comprehensive range of roles, including general counsel, in-house counsel, partners, associates and corporate staff attorney positions. As North America’s premier executive recruiting firm, we operate at the highest levels of the legal industry and are highly competent in providing distinct career guidance and unrivaled advantages.

Our attorney candidates are placed in positions that deal in various areas of a transaction, from acquisition to selling, partnerships, securities, shareholder relations, investment banking, regulatory compliance, antitrust, restructuring, divestiture, financial advisement, boards and committees, and many more. Lucas Group’s expert legal recruiters can help you choose or solidify your direction, and effectively market your unique skills to hiring companies.

You’re in good hands with the industry expert

Most of Lucas Group’s legal recruiters are former practicing attorneys themselves. They know that navigating the job market is challenging, even for professionals like you who enjoy new beginnings through M&A work. Our recruiting methods are consultative and collaborative. This means we make it a priority to know your goals, strengths and abilities, and align you with job opportunities that will bring you the most personal satisfaction and professional growth.

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