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Equity attorneys play a distinct role in managing a sizeable portion of the financial services market. Their primary functions are assembling new investment funds (such as hedge, venture capital and real estate funds) and executing transactions. It’s exciting and challenging, even for the most accomplished legal practitioners. If this is your chosen career path, you know of the diversity and opportunity that exists in the job market. The challenge is navigating a daunting landscape and choosing the right job and employer.

At this point in your career, we understand the importance of making the right move. It’s one of the biggest transactions you’ll undertake and it needs to pay off for your future. With more than 40 years of success in accelerating the careers of talented attorneys, Lucas Group is in a solid position to help you explore the most sought-after private equity law jobs and land the best one.

Put our expertise and resources to work for you

As the premier executive recruiting firm in North America, Lucas Group and our expert legal recruiters operate at the highest levels of the legal, financial and corporate communities. Most of our legal recruiters are former practicing attorneys themselves, so they know your industry and maintain a constant pulse on private equity lawyer jobs in particular. We place hundreds of practitioners each year in various roles, including general counsel, in-house counsel, partners, associates and corporate staff attorney positions.

We have close ties to mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies nationwide, including law firms, private investment firms, financial institutions and corporations. Candidates we place deal with all types of clientele, including high-wealth individuals and companies that leverage funds and financial debt to invest in an array of companies and other assets. We’re looking for talent with the ability to provide technical and legal consultation for any type of transaction, from consolidations and leveraged buyouts to angel investors and public offerings, and other areas where equity law applies, such as bankruptcy, securities, tax, intellectual property, estate planning and more.

Work with a recruiter that prioritizes your needs and goals

Lucas Group’s proven recruiting methods are consultative and collaborative. This means we thoroughly assess your ambitions, strengths and skills, and align you with opportunities that ensure your personal satisfaction and career growth.

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