Finding the Best Regulatory Affairs Jobs for Today’s Professionals

Understanding regulatory requirements is central to the role of every professional in the field of regulatory affairs (RA). The field grows in complexity from domestic to international business and law. Whether you’re involved in legal oversight, compliance, international trade, product integrity, quality assurance, operations or advertising, this career places you at the intersection of your organization’s business – and the rules and regulations that govern your activities.

If this is your chosen line of work, Lucas Group is uniquely qualified to help you explore new career opportunities. We’re the premier executive recruiting firm in North America with deep roots in the legal, manufacturing, health care, finance, information technology and marketing industries. We’re aware of the regulatory counsel jobs and other RA law positions that must be filled with precision at mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies nationwide. Our clients include leading national and multi-national corporations, and law firms representing clients in every industry.

What are today’s organizations looking for in RA candidates?

The jobs we fill range from legal counsel to RA law associates, administrators and directors. Attractive candidates have strong leadership traits, negotiation skills, and can work effectively within a company or firm, and with regulatory bodies, such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Union (EU).

Professionals in high demand in Lucas Group’s talent network are detail-oriented, effective oral and written communicators, enjoy the intricacies of business law and science, and adept in government procedures and lingo. Corporate attorneys work internally to ensure product standards are upheld, and externally with regulators to create or modify policy, negotiate contracts and litigate.

We find regulatory law jobs in which you can excel

Lucas Group sets our candidates up for success through a collaborative approach to recruiting. Most of our expert legal recruiters are former practicing attorneys. They know the world of law and governance, and how to effectively market your skills to prospective employers. They will work closely with you to thoroughly assess your experience, skills and strengths, as well as your career objectives. With this understanding, Lucas Group is able to identify jobs and companies that align with your capabilities, your style and career requirements.

Contact us today so we can start the journey of advancing your career in regulatory affairs.