Contract Staffing

Our staff recruiting helps you achieve your professional objectives

Across the country, there are many outstanding opportunities for contract professionals to rewardingly engage with companies who experience spikes in seasonal workloads, want access to specialized professionals, or are seeking to improve their cost management through focused staffing. These are professional, skilled positions that are simply employed on a shorter-term basis.

We utilize one of the most sophisticated and extensive networks of professional contacts in the country to identify the finest short-term, professional talent available. More importantly, we draw candidates from that same network to fill our executive recruiting needs as well. So if you meet our qualifications for identifying transcendent talent, we welcome you to become part of our national network of professionals.

Great people make great candidates, regardless of the time horizon

For contract staffing, Lucas Group focuses our efforts on professional talent in such areas as accounting, finance, and information technology. A sample of the types of positions we recruit for include:

  • Month / Year End Closing
  • Audit / Financial Reporting
  • Audit and Tax Professionals
  • Financial System Upgrade / Implementation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

So whether it’s a two-month, end-of-year auditor; a five-month IT specialist to manage an enterprise change-over; or a six-month M&A assessment; we approach each and every engagement as an opportunity to establish a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

Our culture and business systems drive success for our candidates

Our work does not end with your placement. Our “Lifetime of Value” program is unparalleled in the contract staffing area. We employ a highly customer-centric approach that emphasizes continuous improvement for our candidates and our process. It is a completely closed-loop communications process that relies on continual communication from us and feedback from you.

We take the same rigorous approach for shorter-term candidates as we do for permanent professional positions, and we surround you with meaningful, interactive communications. No one else is approaching staff recruiting the way we are. No one else is thinking about it the way we are. No one else is executing it the way we are. We are redefining the staff recruiting experience by elevating it to a best practices approach throughout the executive recruiting industry.

Our goal is to be a trusted consultant that delivers tangible career advancement results. We do that by creating the foundation of systems and processes that lead to long-term relationships. Every day at Lucas Group, we work to exceed your expectations. We want to be your premier staffing recruitment partner and help you realize your professional dreams.

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