Matching IT Professionals With In-Demand Quality Assurance Jobs

Software applications, technologies and products from every industry are moving to market with unprecedented speed. Rapid evolution cycles are placing a great deal of pressure on companies and their IT organizations for equally robust quality assurance programs. This requires dedicated human resources, new methods for testing and re-engineering, and nimble processes for responding quickly to customers and the market.

If you have qualifications and a desire to excel in this evolving business segment, Lucas Group is in a strong position to champion your career. Our partnerships with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies across the United States allow us to give you access to the best quality assurance and software test engineer jobs as they arise. We are North America’s premier executive recruiting firm with more than 40 years of service to the IT industry.

We place talented people in a wide range of positions

Lucas Group’s expert IT recruiters identify and place quality assurance coordinators, managers, engineers, trainers, directors, advisors, security analysts and operational executives. These roles are expanding as technology revolutionizes the product lifecycle. Every initiative is directly tied to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, while optimizing costs, processes, revenue and product evolution.

Companies recognize the importance of these roles to their business and financial goals, so quality assurance has earned a top spot on the business landscape. Leading companies are investing heavily in human capital, technology resources and the latest QA automation tools. This investment is a sure bet for a long and fruitful career.

Look to the industry leader for the best opportunities

When you’re ready to make a career move, Lucas Group wants to help you navigate the complex job market, explore maximum opportunities and make the most rewarding choice. Our recruiters operate at the highest levels of the business world and they are also sensitive to your unique requirements and career goals.

Lucas Group is committed to handling your job search with utmost discretion, speed and results. Our consultative recruiting methods ensure your strengths and goals are fully leveraged. We achieve this by thoroughly assessing your skills, accomplishments and job requirements. We then identify jobs and companies that most closely align with your unique capabilities, personality and working style.

Contact Lucas Group today and let’s explore some high quality job opportunities.