Matching Talented Leaders With the Nation’s Top Software Engineer Jobs

You have a great deal of experience in helping others create, modify or personalize applications to meet unique needs. So far in your career, you may have specialized in particular areas of development. Maybe you possess cross-functional skill sets, having worked across the board as an engineer, tester and developer. Wherever you stand in the emergent and fast-moving world of software, prepare to expand your career horizon because one thing is certain. Lucas Group recognizes your highly marketable skills and wants to accelerate your advancement.

As the premier executive recruiting firm for the North American IT industry, Lucas Group is pivotal in helping professionals like you move onward and upward in your career. Our expertise has made us extremely well connected with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States. We specialize in matching talented candidates with the best software testing jobs, software developer jobs and many other positions of leadership with foremost companies in every industry.

Our collaborative recruiting methods ensure your success

Your next career move is as important to Lucas Group as it is to you. For us, that means guiding you to a company and opportunity where you can flourish personally and professionally, create a positive impact and enjoy increasing financial success. We make this possible by applying the most advanced recruiting methods and processes in the industry.

Our journey with you begins by assessing your experience, skills and leadership qualities, as well as your personal and professional goals. Our expert IT recruiters are adept at guiding candidates through this process and it is tailored around your career desires and requirements. Lucas Group then works as a cohesive team to identify job opportunities and companies that most closely align with your profile. This includes finding organizations offering a great cultural fit for your personality and style.

Lucas Group gives you a competitive edge

Major trends are increasing the need for nimble software leaders in mobile applications, operating systems, networks, clouds, databases, business intelligence platforms and many other disciplines. Our recruiters know how quickly the landscape shifts – and how to drive job placement results that create satisfying and exceptional careers, including yours.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop after we help you land your ideal job. For more than 40 years, we’ve been committed to long-term relationships and we want to remain your trusted advisor for the life of your career.

Contact Lucas Group so we can help you realize the most successful future in software.