Connecting Professionals With North America’s Best Gas Jobs

According to a leading U.S. gas association, natural gas is “driving a manufacturing renaissance that no one could have predicted.” You are an industry professional, so you’re aware that this exciting revolution is fueled by affordability of a clean energy source and abundant availability in our region of the world. What you may not be aware of is the impact such growth and development are having on the gas jobs market.

As a leading executive recruiter for the North American gas industry for more than 40 years, Lucas Group offers the guidance and connections you need to fully explore career advancement options – and your options are plentiful. The dramatic rise in gas jobs is taking place across the infrastructure, from production to transport and delivery, and we are the source for jobs matching your experience and goals. Through Lucas Group, you not only get insights into the vast marketplace, but you also gain access to the best job opportunities in the business.

More natural gas jobs require experienced leaders  

Demand is high for professionals who already posses industry experience and leadership skills. Mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies in the natural gas industry, as well as other gas industry-affiliated companies, look to Lucas Group for job candidates with the proven ability to help manage demand and supply growth, as well as improve operational excellence.

Decision makers and specialists we place in gas industry jobs include COOs, research and development executives, senior engineers, directors of manufacturing and production, and other business unit leaders across the operations, safety, development, production, transmission and distribution chains.

This is your career. Demand specialized guidance and support.

You have invested a tremendous amount of time in your profession and career. It’s important that you choose to work with a recruiter who also knows your industry, respects what you have accomplished, recognizes your abilities and can effectively market you to the right companies for the best gas industry jobs. Lucas Group’s expert recruiters know your industry inside out. They want to know what you’re made of, too, which is why we take a collaborative approach with every candidate. Our recruiting process helps us assess your skills, accomplishments and leadership qualities, and find the best opportunities for your strategic career move.

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