Experienced Asset Management Recruiters Uncover Top Talent in the Market

As your business grows and evolves, your asset management team becomes increasingly more important. These individuals and their strategic financial decisions can impact your company today and for years to come. But it can be challenging to find talented finance professionals who can lead you to success.

That’s where an asset management recruiter steps in.

How Lucas Group can assist you

Lucas Group recruiters find and vet the industry’s top professionals and assist you in securing the ideal match for your team. Our recruiters are strategically dispersed in offices across the United States, allowing us to use national reach combined with localized search methods to find exceptional talent that no one else can. As one of North America’s top asset management recruiting firms, Lucas Group has the experience and skills necessary to scour the market and present only the best candidates who can thrive and achieve in your critical asset management roles.

The Lucas Group difference

Our search methodology is sophisticated and proven by our more than 40 years of successful, long-term placements.

The process begins with thoroughly getting to know your company, requirements and business goals. We want our partnership to be built on a solid foundation of understanding, trust and respect, giving you confidence in our ability to meet and exceed your staffing needs. We then use our extensive network to find individuals who closely align to your requirements. From research analysts to portfolio managers, we find and retain top talent for a wide range of positions across all industries. Lucas Group’s goal is to find individuals with the ideal skill sets and necessary experience, who will also be good cultural fits for your company.

But our partnership doesn’t end there. Once we find the perfect match, we remain involved through the interview phase, hire date and beyond to ensure a smooth transition for you and your new employee. We don’t just fill positions. We want to become a resource for you for years to come.

Let Lucas Group’s experience and expertise work for you to find the professionals you need. Contact us to learn more.