Making the Right Leadership Calls In Call Center Hiring

Call centers, or contact centers, are no longer costly post-sale support desks. They are profit centers for manufacturing companies seeking new paths to improved customer satisfaction and profitability. The call center priority list is also changing. It is moving cost reduction aside for the higher priorities of speed, mobility (engagement via mobile devices), first-call resolution, flexibility and virtual assistance.

Mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies choose Lucas Group for our consultative and collaborative approach to recruiting the right talent to lead the way. Our expert recruiters and nationwide network of candidates know how to capture this opportunity – and make it worth while for both companies and their valued customers.

Our call center recruiters focus on the customer journey, and yours

Successful call centers prioritize the customer experience, while also controlling costs. Striking this balance means wise investments in people and technology – the greatest assets of any company. This is why Lucas Group recruits COOs, executives, directors and managers who an  excellent match for a specific organization’s industry and customers.

The right talent complements an organization’s culture and existing leadership, and possesses qualities unique to call center management. Real leaders in this area thrive in a fast-paced environment with constantly growing customer expectations. This requires expertise in human interaction, and strategies and technologies that form a sustainable base for meeting long-term requirements and financial goals.

Lucas Group understands the call center dynamic. It is about customer service. So is our approach to helping companies succeed, and helping candidates realize rewarding careers that bring out their full potential.

Call center recruiting with eyes on the future

The influence of technology on call center management and performance opens doors to profitability. It does so by driving satisfaction and retention. The same is true in executive recruiting. Lucas Group employs innovative processes and technologies to fulfill recruiting needs in a timely manner. Our energies and solutions give manufacturing companies and job candidates the necessary edge for the road ahead.

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