Leading CPG Recruiters Understand the Need for Innovative Talent

Growing competition, more choices, and a selective and frugal consumer mindset – all of these realities continue to disrupt the consumer packaged goods (CPG) landscape. As a result, CPG companies are becoming more innovative to protect market share, remain competitive, prosper and grow. Continuous innovation is a tall and complex order but a necessary one for managing and sustaining product lifecycles in today’s environment.

Modernization starts with employing the brightest minds in the business – people who can drive short-term and long-term results, and minimize risk by making fast, smart, informed decisions. Lucas Group knows who and where these professionals are, and we excel at matching talented candidates with organizations needing their contemporary skills.

Work with top-performing consumer packaged goods recruiters

Lucas Group understands that markets and consumer buying behaviors change almost daily. This is why CPG companies are constantly tasked to better understand their segments, think like their buyers and improve product value. To be market leaders, CPG companies must be innovators – and so too, should their executive recruiter.

Over the past 40+ years, Lucas Group’s work with mid-tier to Fortune 500 CPG companies, and the professionals they hire, has made us one of North America’s leading recruiters in this field. We help companies create and deploy winning business models by connecting them with candidates who possess advanced expertise and skills. Our candidates comprise a nationwide network of top talent ready to fill critical roles that have direct impact on profit margins and balance sheets. They include experienced general managers, executives, directors and managers.

Our CPG executive recruiters know the value of a strong leadership team

Lucas Group’s expert recruiters understand the need to control and lower costs while merging a culture of fresh ideas, speed and better customer service into all business functions. Refined leadership skills are fundamental at every turn, from management to strategy, distribution and logistics. The right talent helps today’s companies prosper by strengthening the existing leadership team and leveraging the full potential of the employees they manage.

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