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Filling Houston IT jobs with speed and precision

Lucas Group’s Houston IT recruiters are committed to your company’s long-term success. We know that your technology jobs in Houston need to be filled with the very best and brightest in the industry. That’s why we continually update our pool of qualified IT professionals—finding the candidates with the greatest experience and proven track records. Just like Houston’s successful IT companies, we are innovators who can recognize a superstar when we see one.

Our recruiters understand that in technology, perhaps more than in any other industry, time is of the essence. Armed with an in-depth understanding of staffing needs and our exceptional network of connections across the industry, our executive recruiters can fill your Houston technology jobs with qualified, capable professionals who possess both superior interpersonal skills and strong technical capabilities. Call Lucas Group today and let us deliver the IT talent your business needs.

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Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 713.864.7733