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No one understands the value and importance of competitive salaries better than today’s compensation specialists. If this is your field of expertise, you have rewarding and lucrative career opportunities through Lucas Group. Leading Houston companies rely on us year-round to help onboard exceptional talent to oversee compensation programs.

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Our Compensation Director jobs represent Human Resources roles at organizations in major Houston industries. Responsibilities are based on company size, needs, and talent acquisition and retention strategies. These in-demand jobs offer talented professionals the opportunity to develop, implement and administer complete programs, including the establishment or refinement of job classifications and descriptions, pay rates, and forecasting and budgeting for staffing and salary increases. Some roles also oversee employee performance evaluation systems and programs.

Given this role is critical to our clients’ ability to attract and retain talented people, Compensation Directors typically report to HR division heads or other management team members. Some of Houston’s leading employers look for candidates who specialize in specific areas, such as pay scales based on job classifications, requirements and occupational trends, as well as comparative market research to obtain compensation intelligence based on geography, organization size, job responsibilities and other factors.

At minimum, qualified candidates need a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Human Resources Management, Business Administration, Business Management or Finance – and several years of experience in performing complex financial analysis. Companies are looking for professionals who can proficiently establish compensation rates that are fair, equitable and competitive, simultaneously satisfy business and financial goals, and strictly comply with state and federal laws and regulations.

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Through our relationships with mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, and boutique to global 100 law firms, we provide access to the best Houston Compensation Director jobs as they become available. Our recruiters place top talent in all Human Resources functionalities, across all industries, and we are wholly committed to your job satisfaction and career advancement.

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