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Demand is high in Houston for talented cloud engineers and architects. If you are a skilled cloud professional who has mastered the art and science of information technology architecture, Lucas Group IT recruitment specialists in Houston are your best connection to the most rewarding roles in this dynamic IT industry segment.

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Lucas Group is the leader in IT recruiting and the talent resource mid-tier to Fortune 500 employers turn to for experienced professionals. The cloud engineering and architecture jobs we fill in Houston can have distinct or overlapping responsibilities, depending on the company size, its IT division, and the requirements of its customer base.

The candidates we place are nimble, creative and knowledgeable professionals who develop, oversee and continually modernize a company’s entire cloud strategy and environment. This includes ongoing analysis of business and market needs and trends, and continuous planning, design and budgeting, including the selection of scalable platforms, hardware, software, practices, methods and processes that enable dynamic and successful cloud environments.

These roles require a broad range of applied experience in cloud computing, which can include network infrastructures, virtualization, virtual and physical data storage, software-defined networks, network and platform security, user management, application and service delivery, disaster recovery and much more.

The positions we fill typically require three to five years of experience in cloud services, with strong working knowledge of open source technology, software development, system engineering, and building Web services in the cloud. Most hiring companies look for a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or a related field. Some employers prefer a master’s degree. Relevant certifications may also be preferred or required by a company, such as Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), AWS, EMC Cloud, CCNA Cloud, or emerging vendor-neutral or vendor-specific certifications.

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Lucas Group gives you an edge in the highly competitive Houston IT jobs market. Our consultative recruiting specialists work with you to identify the best positions and companies for your skills and career ambitions.

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