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If you are an experienced information technology professional looking for the top IT Director jobs Houston companies are offering today, Lucas Group is your confidential resource. Employers of all sizes in every industry look to us for high-caliber candidates for rapidly evolving Director of IT roles. Our expert and discreet Houston recruiters place candidates in director and executive-level jobs across the information technology sector.

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Lucas Group sources IT Director candidates for leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies. We know which Houston companies are hiring and have access to the best opportunities as they become available.

While the responsibilities of these mission-critical roles vary according to the size and structure of a hiring company and its IT organization, our hired candidates typically assume responsibility for a company’s overall IT strategy. IT Directors apply their field management acumen and knowledge of IT concepts, practices and procedures to developing and executing IT initiatives to meet a company’s:

  • Operational goals
  • Financial objectives
  • Security requirements (including customer-facing systems and solutions)

Responsibilities include planning, budgeting, oversight of all information technology resources, and collaboration with other divisions to meet ongoing department and customer needs. This includes purchasing, scheduling, hiring, staff allocation and professional development. IT Directors continually analyze business and customer needs, and perform ongoing research and recommendations for systems and infrastructure improvements. Key charges also include development and enforcement of IT policies and procedures, integration of best practices across the organization, and management of relationships and negotiations with outside vendors, third-party technology providers, IT consultants and contractors.

At minimum, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems Management or a related technical field. Most hiring companies look for extensive IT field experience with working knowledge of the industry’s latest technologies and products, and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a technology emphasis. Employers also prioritize candidates with one of more relevant IT certifications, such as CISSP, CAPM, PMP, OCP, CompTIA, CISM, Six Sigma, CCIE, ITIL and many others

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Information Technology professionals entrust their careers to Lucas Group because our recruitment specialists know the industry, are committed to building careers, and deliver the best opportunities through targeted IT recruiting. Let us help you find the ideal position and company to champion your technical, business and leadership skills.

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