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Lucas Group is recruiting for the top available Marketing Manager jobs Houston companies are offering to talented professionals. These sought-after positions are with leading Houston employers in several industries. Our Houston marketing recruiters are specialists in connecting candidates like you with positions and companies that align with your experience, job requirements and career goals.

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We fill Marketing Manager jobs that represent the most challenging and rewarding approaches to marketing in today’s global, competitive and multichannel business environment. While responsibilities vary by the size of a company and its marketing organization, as well as a company’s industry and the marketing channels it engages, all positions are responsible for planning and managing marketing and advertising initiatives, as well as the teams and contractors who support marketing goals.

Some roles manage an organization’s entire marketing division, while others share responsibility with counterparts across product lines and geographies. The objective of all roles is to contribute to the company’s profitability through revenue-generating and image-building activities. Target constituents can include existing and prospective customers, the industry and lateral industries, boards of directors, the news media, along with company employees, subsidiaries, investors and business partners. The positions typically report to marketing directors, executives or other company management.

These jobs are responsible for developing strategy and goals, including planning, budgeting, messaging, program execution, marketing trends research, and performance analysis and reporting. Roles require close collaboration with product marketing, sales and service organizations, as well as public relations, corporate communications and Human Resources leaders. The most critical responsibility is customer and constituent engagement across a range of traditional and digital marketing channels, and their associated disciplines, including but not limited to media buying, print, broadcast, video, mobile, social media, paid online search, website optimization, analytics and more.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or a related field, such as Public Relations, Journalism or Graphic Design. Companies also look for two to 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising, brand management or sales, preferably within their industries, although this is not always required. Some employers prefer candidates with technical knowledge relevant to their offerings, experience in both marketing and people management, or accreditations or a master’s degree in Marketing or a related field.

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