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Lucas Group is interviewing for select Vice President of Marketing and Director of Marketing jobs Houston companies need to fill. These in-demand positions are available at companies in several industries, offering experienced professionals the opportunity to join the management ranks of dynamic Houston employers.

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We source talent for VP and Director of Marketing jobs in Houston that build rewarding careers. Roles and responsibilities are as diverse as our Houston clients, representing local, regional, national and international marketing organizations at mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies. While scopes of responsibility vary by the size of an employer and its marketing organization, all positions are charged with establishing a company’s marketing and advertising goals, strategies and initiatives, as well as directing the internal teams and external contractors who champion those goals.

Candidates hired for these prestigious roles are critical to a company’s ability to grow and profit in a competitive, global business environment and multichannel marketplace. Positions carry responsibility for directing revenue-generating, image-building initiatives. They involve marketing planning, budgeting, key messaging, program development, oversight of program execution, marketing trends research, and performance tracking and reporting. Most roles are responsible for talent acquisition and talent management, including the development and implementation of training and succession programs.

Vice President and Director of Marketing roles require close collaboration with product marketing, sales, service, public relations, corporate communications and Human Resources organizations. The most critical responsibility is oversight of customer and constituent engagement across a range of traditional and digital channels, and their associated disciplines, including but not limited to analytics, broadcast, video, mobile, social media, media buying, paid online search, website optimization, print and more.

Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business or a related field. Hiring companies are also looking for five to 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising, brand management or sales, preferably within their industries, although this is not always required. Some employers prefer candidates with accreditations or a master’s degree in Marketing or a related field.

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