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Lucas Group sales recruiters in Houston are looking for talented Sales Engineers who want to join the ranks of Houston’s leading companies. We are interviewing candidates with a variety of experience and qualifications for the most exceptional roles across many industries. If you are ready to contribute your talents to a dynamic sales organization and drive profitability while furthering your career goals, contact us today.

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In Houston, Sales Engineer jobs are on the rise in several high-demand sectors. Roles can vary in title to include Pre-Sales Engineer, Application Engineer, Field Consultant or Support Engineer. Responsibilities vary based on the size of a company, the size and structure of a sales organization, and a company’s development and sales initiatives.

The positions we fill serve a critical function in helping sales and service teams bridge customer understanding of the technical and competitive advantages of a company’s products and solutions. Sales Engineers are internal liaisons between sales, service, engineering and product development, and play a vital role in the sales process. Many roles we fill also collaborate with Research & Development teams to research industries and markets, conduct statistical analysis and identify products that satisfy unmet market needs.

Sales Engineers are typically responsible for identifying existing and prospective customer requirements and developing presentations that demonstrate how a company’s offerings address those needs. These team players work with customers to establish, enhance or upgrade their IT infrastructures, and resolve technical issues. Most of our Sales Engineer roles involve regional, national or international travel, as well as negotiating and finalizing sales and service contracts.

Sales Engineer jobs in Houston typically require a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or related disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical and biomedical engineering. Various employers require three to five years of IT or software sales experience, but others onboard and train candidates with backgrounds in software development, IT administration or technical training. Industry, product or leadership certifications are a plus, and some employers prefer professionally-licensed Sales Engineers.

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Lucas Group sales recruiters differ from other sales recruiting firms in our ability to listen to your needs and deliver on your job requirements and goals. And through our relationships with Houston’s leading mid-tier to Fortune 500 companies, you have access to the market’s most sought-after jobs as they become available.

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