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If you are an experienced sales professional looking for high-potential Houston Sales Manager jobs, you have come to the right resource. Lucas Group’s Houston sales recruiters have access to the most lucrative jobs with the market’s leading employers. Our business intelligence and relationships with companies across all Houston industries offer outstanding opportunities and the edge you need in a competitive job market.

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The Sales Manager roles we fill in Houston are high-demand, high-reward positions. Jobs vary in their responsibilities, depending on the size and goals of the hiring company and its sales organization.

The candidates we place assume tremendous responsibility for managing the market distribution of our clients’ diverse products and services. This can include development and oversight of sales territories and staffing, setting sales targets, and working collaboratively with sales teams and marketing organizations to meet revenue goals. These roles require development of sales strategies, planning, budgeting, market and target research, lead generation, performance tracking, statistical analysis and reporting.

Sales Managers can be responsible for talent acquisition and management, and the development of training and motivational programs to help sales representatives work individually toward common goals. Client relationship management is a critical function of the job, as is collaboration with sales leadership, service and R&D organizations, and maintaining strong relationships with external sales partners, suppliers and distributors.

Companies generally require three to five years of experience in sales or sales management, preferably within their industries, but this is not always required. Some companies want prior sales management experience. Most employers require a bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing or a related field. Degrees or emphasis in a company’s industry are a plus, as are courses in business law, economics, accounting, finance and statistics. Some employers prefer a master’s degree. Higher education may not be required of candidates with extensive experience in sales or sales management.

Computer skills are mandatory for customer relationship and data management, data analysis, reporting, planning and overall communications. Applied understanding of electronic and online communications is also required, given the near universal integration of sales into the online channel.

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