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With a number of Fortune 500 corporations headquartered in the area as well as being home to the largest oil economy in the US, it is no wonder that business is booming in Houston. Navigating the Houston job market can be difficult, and the leading recruiting firm to help candidates and clients transform their careers and business operations is Lucas Group.

For more than 40 years, Lucas Group has been the premier recruiting firm in the Houston area. From Manufacturing and Oil & Gas to HR and Sales & Marketing, our recruiters are industry-specific experts who are passionate about helping others’ succeed.

Are you looking for rewarding Houston recruiting careers?

Then we are confident that Lucas Group is the place for you. We hire only the best and brightest to join our award-winning team, and we are looking to expand our community with results-driven professionals. We seek thought leaders, expert communicators and strategic thinkers who act with honesty, integrity and a commitment to doing the right thing. From CEOs and Directors of HR to Financial Analysts and everything in-between, Lucas Group’s recruiters come from a variety of backgrounds but share the same mission to change lives and businesses for the better.

The Lucas Group Difference

Lucas Group is a recruiting firm like no other. We pride ourselves on our culture of teamwork and collaboration, and our recruiters are encouraged to work together across disciplines and teams to ensure they maximize their success. While afforded the opportunity for unlimited, individual profit potential, we support working together to achieve common goals and provide the highest level of service possible.

But you’re not on your own to achieve great success. Once at Lucas Group, you will be immersed in a 30-day, 28-point onboarding process that includes everything from sales playbooks to thought leadership initiatives. We will also continue to provide ongoing education and training as well as help you to set measurable, attainable and actionable goals to help keep you on track for growth and advancement. Ultimately, we want you to succeed because that means our organization, our clients and our candidates succeed as well.

If this opportunity intrigues you, please contact our Houston office today to learn more about becoming part of our team or apply here.


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