Irvine Manufacturing Recruiters

Irvine Manufacturing recruiters who deliver lasting business impact

Filling your supply chain and manufacturing jobs in California and throughout the United States requires more than just delivering resumes. You require skilled, experienced candidates who can thrive within your corporate culture and energize your business. Our Irvine manufacturing recruiters have a different perspective on how to be successful in the marketplace and in executive recruiting.

We deliver for you. Manufacturing has changed dramatically over the past few decades, and today you need more than managers—you need business leaders, and Lucas Group can be your sole-source executive recruiting partner. Lucas Group Irvine manufacturing recruiters understand that you need the best professionals working for you. Our recruitment experts understand the level of talent you seek, and we know how and where to find the professionals for your Irvine manufacturing jobs that will drive financial, operational and workforce success.

We can expertly fill your Irvine manufacturing jobs as well as other vital roles across your organization. With our recruiting headquarters in Atlanta and 15 offices across the United States, Lucas Group Irvine manufacturing recruiters have both local strength and national reach in executive search. Let our experts get to work for you. Call Lucas Group today.

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Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 949.660.9450