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Whether you are interested in permanent or contract work, contact our accounting recruiters and take the next step in your Southern California accounting career. Lucas Group Irvine accounting recruiters are demonstrated experts in assisting professionals to find and land exceptional accounting jobs in Irvine and throughout California. Our detailed interviewing process enables Lucas Group to precisely match your qualifications, cultural fit, career goals, and long-term compatibility, and it ensures that we only present jobs that create a lasting rewarding placement for you.

We combine a deep knowledge of the local Southern California market with the resources and power of a national executive search firm. We are interested in more than a single job. We are dedicated to helping you build a career of progressive success. Our recruiters treat our clients and candidates with professional courtesy and discretion at every point in our relationship and strive to be your long-term career partner. Let’s get started. Contact Lucas Group today.

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Hiring Employers: 800.515.0819
Job Seekers: 949.660.9450