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Successful sales professionals command a powerful and unique set of traits—you are committed to results, dedicated to getting the job done, and motivated by success. We understand the sales profession, and our Irvine sales recruiting experts can help you find the jobs in Irvine, California and throughout the United Sates that create the best opportunities for building a lasting, rewarding career.

A leader among California sales recruiters, Lucas Group takes a highly structured approach to recruiting and we focus our efforts on identifying the jobs that match your skills, your personality, and your long-term career objectives. We match professionals to the sales jobs that set the stage for exceptional professional and financial success.

In today’s marketplace, you are competing with candidates from around the country and across the globe. Our Irvine sales recruiting experts recognize that companies want more than resumes. They seek talented, game-changing professionals who deliver results for years to come. Let Lucas Group help match you with ideal sales jobs and assist you to take the next step in your successful career.

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