NYC Information Technology Recruiters

Filling New York IT jobs with skilled, experienced technology talent

In today’s fast-paced market, your business needs IT recruitment that works with speed and precision in placing qualified professionals in your IT jobs in New York City and throughout the Northeast. With knowledgeable and well-connected executive recruiters, Lucas Group delivers upon your requirements.

Whatever your industry, Lucas Group understands that technology drives future growth and revenue. We know that your business can’t slow down. You need IT talent who’s at-the-ready, can step in quickly, and get to work – with accuracy and skill. As your partner in New York IT recruitment, Lucas Group can fill your technology jobs with the talent who will deliver upon your requirements and drive your future success.

Contact Information

General Contact: 800.466.4489
Hiring Employers: 800.466.4489
Job Seekers: 212.599.2200