The Best Recruiting Jobs in NYC are with Lucas Group

As any New Yorker knows, business as usual is complex, hectic and competitive. The already chaotic market is made more intense and amplified in the Big Apple. Lucas Group recruiters help companies and jobseekers navigate these challenges, and we’re looking for sharp professionals to join our team in outstanding New York recruiting jobs.

New York’s Premier Recruiting Firm

Lucas Group’s New York office, located in the heart of Manhattan, is the company’s Northeastern hub with reach along the entire East Coast. Our team consists of leading professionals throughout all industries who diligently work to match jobseekers with rewarding careers. From Accounting & Finance to HR and Legal, we employ top caliber professionals who are subject matter experts in their respective fields.

We look to hire only the best for New York recruiting careers at our firm, because for more than 40 years, our clients and candidates have come to expect top notch service from Lucas Group. Our recruiters do more than find people jobs—they transform lives and businesses, improving careers and company operations throughout the entire Northeast.

Being a part of our community

Some companies boast a culture of teamwork and collaboration, but our recruiters live and breathe this every day. We encourage you to work across your team and throughout all functionalities to ensure you not only maximize your clients’ potential but your own success as well.

When you join Lucas Group, we will provide a robust and comprehensive onboarding process to position you to compete at our firm and in executive recruiting. Once on board, we will also continue to support you with ongoing training, education and mentoring. We realize your success is directly linked to the training you receive, and we are committed to keeping you on track for growth and advancement.

If you want to be part of an exceptional team of professionals and want to elevate your career, get in touch with us today to learn how to become part of our New York recruiting team or apply here.


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